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  • What are the advantages and applications of small-pitch LED displays? Oct 27, 2023
    Small-pitch LED display is the collective name for a complete system, including LED display system, high-definition display control system and cooling system. The small-pitch LED display adopts pixel-level point control technology to achieve state control of the brightness, color restoration and uniformity of the display pixel units. In the production process of the display screen, the automatic reflow soldering process is adopted, eliminating the need for manual post-soldering.   Small-pitch LED screens are mainly aimed at the indoor high-end display market, and this field is still dominated by DLP rear-projection displays. However, DLP technology has natural flaws. The first is the 1 mm seam between display units that cannot be eliminated at all. At least one display pixel is swallowed up. Secondly, in terms of color expression, it is also inferior to direct-emitting LED displays. What is particularly shortcoming is that due to the differences between DLP display units, it is difficult to control the uniformity of color and brightness of the entire display. As the product running time increases, the differences between units will become larger and larger. The seams are difficult to keep consistent and will become increasingly noticeable. The color differences between the units and the adjustment of the seams make it difficult to perform maintenance and repairs at a later stage.   Indoor small-pitch LED displays take up little space, are flexible and convenient to use, simple and fast to maintain, and have high resolution per unit area. They are deeply loved by users. Small-pitch LED displays can not only display higher-definition graphic images and videos, but also display more videos and images. Especially when used in image splicing, they can achieve seamless and arbitrary large-area splicing.   The biggest competitiveness of indoor high-density small-pitch LED displays is that the display is completely seamless and the colors displayed are natural and true. At the same time, in terms of post-maintenance, LED displays already have mature point-by-point correction technology. Displays that have been used for more than one or two years can use instruments to perform one-time correction of the entire screen. The operation process is simple and the effect is very good. Therefore, if we evaluate the two in terms of display quality, the high-density small-pitch LED display must be better than the DLP rear projection.
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