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What is the difference between a micro-pitch display and an ordinary display?

Dec 27, 2023

Small pixel pitch led screen is an emerging display technology with many advantages that make it attract attention in the field of TVs, monitors and other display devices. When it comes to micro-pitch displays, most people are unfamiliar with them. What are the main differences between them and ordinary displays? Today’s article will lead you to better break down this topic.


First of all, the technical principle of micro-pitch display is to use tiny LED elements to compose images. Each LED element is an independent light source, allowing precise brightness and color control. This is different from traditional LCD displays and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays, which have certain limitations on backlighting and luminescent materials. Micro-pitch displays use tiny self-illuminating LEDs to achieve higher brightness, higher contrast, and a wider color range, providing a better visual experience.


Secondly, micro-pitch displays have higher resolution and finer pixel pitch. Due to the tiny size of the LED elements, micro-pitch displays can achieve ultra-high definition resolution, making images clearer and more detailed. At the same time, the smaller pixel pitch also means that viewers can be closer when watching the big screen without feeling pixel graininess, providing a more realistic look and feel.


In addition, micro pixel pitch display offer excellent flexibility and customizability. The independence of LED elements allows micro-pitch displays to be customized as needed, enabling screens of various shapes and sizes. This makes micro-pitch displays have broad application prospects in large-scale events, commercial displays and customized applications.


On the other hand, ordinary display screens mainly include LCD displays and OLED displays. LCD displays use liquid crystal materials to control the transmission and blocking of light, while OLED displays use organic materials to emit light. Compared with micro-pitch displays, these traditional displays have some limitations in terms of brightness, contrast, and viewing angles. For example, the backlight system of an LCD display may result in a lower contrast ratio, while an OLED display may suffer from screen aging after prolonged use.


Micro-pitch display screens have attracted great attention in the field of display technology with their unique technical advantages and display effects. Although the cost may be higher, with the continuous advancement of technology and the advancement of large-scale production, micro-pitch displays are expected to gradually become the mainstream technology for large-screen display devices in the future.

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