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  • How to choose LED display manufacturer Sep 28, 2023
    LED display, also known as an LED screen or LED video wall, is a flat panel display technology that utilizes light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to display images, videos, and other visual content. Our products include indoor LED display and outdoor LED display , which are widely used in various applications, including advertising, information dissemination, entertainment, and public displays.   LED screens are used more and more widely in life, such as banks’ promotion of new financial products and new financial policies, company logos at meetings, public welfare screens in government squares, etc., and traditional leaflets, banners, etc. Compared with promotional materials, the advantage of LED screen promotion is that the content can be changeable, scrolling playback can carry more content, it is eye-catching and easy to attract everyone's attention, etc. Many LED display manufacturers have good service and attitude, so how to choose an LED display manufacturer? , mainly in the following aspects:   1. Look at the application scenarios The application scenarios of the display screen are divided into indoor and outdoor LED displays. If you want to use it indoors, you need to choose the appropriate size according to the installation location. Generally, the rolling LED screens installed under the plaque are long strips, and the ones in the lobby are all It is rectangular and requires a larger wall area; if you want to install it outdoors, you should choose a screen with better rainproof and dustproof performance and strong weather resistance. Different LED display manufacturers have different main products, so you should choose carefully when purchasing. .   2. Look at the power consumption The products of LED display manufacturers generally play continuously, even 24 hours a day, and consume a lot of power. Therefore, when purchasing, you should choose a screen that can display clearly and easily, and save power at the same time, or use solar energy. Because the purchase of a display screen will cost a lot of money, choosing an energy-saving screen can save a lot of electricity costs and a lot of expenses.   3. Check the device configuration The part between the LED display and the wall must be strictly waterproof and leak-proof; the display installed outside must be equipped with drainage channels to avoid short circuits caused by water leakage, and lightning protection devices must be installed on the display and the house. A good display screen should also be equipped with ventilation equipment to prevent screen damage caused by excessive temperature. Nowadays, there are many ways to control LED displays, which can be controlled through mobile phones or computers. You should pay attention when choosing an LED display manufacturer.   When choosing a LED display manufacturer with good services, you should read more, try more, shop around, and choose a cost-effective display that suits your needs and follow the development of science and technology. The emergence of LED display manufacturers has abandoned the traditional method of manually handing out leaflets and shouting slogans for publicity, and has used a variety of technologies such as sound, light and electricity to achieve a new publicity model that eliminates artificial intelligence.
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